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My Lifestyle Academy Podcast

Jan 18, 2022

Keep the momentum going and bring your team with you! Brianna Franks, Aryn Lenderink Sloan, and Nicole Cummings are 3 leaders who are crushing it right now, and they’re sharing with you what helped them get to where they are so you can do it too!

“When you lower the bar, you lose quality people. When you raise the bar, you attract quality people”

00:00 - Episode intro
04:38 - How Nicole Cummings got almost 300k followers in 6 months on TikTok
07:11 - Why creating a content calendar is so important
08:05 - How to turn skepticism into genuine interest
11:38 - Nicole’s best content creation tips for TikTok
17:15 - Brianna Frank’s introduction to network marketing and her best Power Hour tips
21:59 - How to get in front of your people
27:15 - The best way to overcome the stinking thinking is to…
34:43 - Meet Aryn Sloan and her really curious start in network marketing
36:58 - What we do daily is what gets us…
39:00 - The way to build amazing relationships is to…
40:27 - THIS is the best way to get in front of other people’s networks!
45:28 - Practical tips to creating Referral Posts
54:54 - Episode outro

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